One of the reasons why it’s challenging to stick to a healthy diet is because the ingredients you need to cook are not always readily available. It’s hard enough to resist the temptation of just ordering your favorite comfort food, now you also have to deal with finding fresh produce within your area.

As fellow health enthusiasts, we know how you feel because we’ve been there too many times. It is precisely the reason why we started Nat-urstore!

Our mission

We want to provide everyone with all the good stuff they need to stay in great shape. From vegetables, meat, and dairy to supplements and beauty products that don’t have harmful ingredients, we got it all covered.

Our vision

Fit people are more productive and happy. As a health store, we want to help our fellow citizens become the best version of themselves by making healthy food accessible to them.

How to order?

Pick whatever you want from our vast selection of products, add to cart and pay. Expect your items to be delivered within 48 hours.

Our promise

We carefully inspect all suppliers to see if their products meet our standards. We want to serve you with only the healthiest options, free from artificial and harmful ingredients. Also, we condone animal testing; thus, we only cater to cruelty-free items.


This type of diet is getting more and more famous because of how effective it is when it comes to weight loss. We label keto-friendly items and ingredients on our website. You can see them by ticking keto on the filter. With this feature, you won’t have problems planning your meals ahead so you can stay on ketosis without worries.


Nowadays, vegan options are widely available. The problem though is with how expensive your grocery can get considering the marked up prices. To solve that problem, we partnered with trusted local suppliers who can give you organic products at lower costs.

At Nat-urstore, we always deliver. If you find our service unsatisfactory, we can give you a full refund! After 100,000 transactions, we can proudly say that we have only received 15 complaints which we were able to resolve within 24 hours.

Our Founder

Veronica Henry is a VP in a marketing firm before she decided to leave the corporate life and pursue her dream of opening her own yoga studio and restaurant. A lot of her students shared about their problems of finding healthy food within their area, and that’s what inspired her to start Nat-urstore.

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